Top 7 nice and good games for kids on the iPad

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Here are 7 nice and good games for kids on the iPad. These are all well-known games that are simple, easy-to-learn and appropriate for children.

1.Cut the Rope Lite

Cut the Rope Lite for iPhone is an application that brings fun and exciting games. This is a unique application designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Game with fun graphics and perfect control mechanism. The application gives kids a great feel with a fun experience with cute frogs.

Cut the Rope Lite for iPhone gives you faster playback support to help children relax after hours of hard work. Join the application, children can completely share with friends through social networks.

Cut the Rope Lite for iPhone is not only a game but also a place for children to show their intelligence. Joining the app is as simple as iOS for the iPad or iPhone

2.Angry Birds HD

This is definitely one of the best kids’ games on the iPad, and the most appealing is its simple yet unique gameplay, fun sounds and extremely cute graphics. According to Apple’s iTunes launch, Angry Birds is the No. 1 paid application in many countries.

In each round, you have a mission to use the slingshot shoot the birds to destroy the green pigs. Each bird has the ability to attack differently, there is a bird which will create 3 “clones” during the flight, another which is exploded like a bomb.

Angry Birds is very suitable for children to play with simple, easy to grasp. In addition, the game also helps children practice thinking, accuracy and patience in each round.

3.Fruit Ninja HD

Fruit Ninja is an old game but still very attractive and fun for kids. This is also one of the most popular kids games on the iPad and the most installed in the world.

Coming to Fruit Ninja, player is portrayed as a real ninja, practicing mastery by … cutting fruit. The player must find the way to cut as many fruits as possible, while avoiding the … bombs.

Fruit Ninja has a variety of game modes with a variety of lively fruits. Fruit Ninja challenges the speed and sensitivity of the player.

4.Tiny Wings HD

Tiny Wings HD player’s mission is to control a cute bird flying through the hills and eating the sun to collect energy. The further the bird flies, the higher points you score.

Although there is a simple way to play, the scene where the bird flies through will change from table to table so you do not get bored. The image and sound of Tiny Wings HD are very cute and fun, suitable for children.


SpellTower has a high ranking in iTunes rankings. For Vietnamese users, SpellTower is a great game for you to practice English.

The player’s task is to assemble the letters into meaningful English words. Make as many words, the higher you score.

Playing SpellTower on the iPad will make you feel like playing crossword on a digital book.

If you are looking for a kid-friendly and fun iPad game, this is not going to be a bad choice.

6.My Talking Tom

Unlike the animal games by the publisher Out Fit 7 (Player will say some words and the animals will repeat the words with a quick, fun voice), My Talking Tom bring a brain new experience, more comprehensive interaction with the cute Tom Cat, directly on your smartphone.

Designed specifically for pet enthusiasts, pet lovers or kids, My Talking Tom allows the player to raise his own kitten and be named Tom.

Your task is quite simple, feed Tom, play with him and raise him from a funny little kitten to a mature and intelligent cat.

This is a children’s game on the iPad that has topped the top 1 in the world. If you are looking for a fun kids entertainment game, My Talking Tom is a great choice.

7.Luna Bears

Luna Bears is an extremely fun and easy game to play. Come to this game, you will go to a wonderful world with lovely characters. This will be a great choice for everyone to enjoy after a hard day’s work or study.

Luna Bears offers obstacles that make you go through dramatic action such as running, flying, jumping or acrobatics to pass. You have to eat as many coins as possible to save the bear to go home safely.

Special application has more than 70 challenging levels, with cute and artistic animation, suitable for entertaining children in leisure time.